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Blasting is a process that cleans metal surfaces, removing rust, paint, primer & other contaminents.

Our Equipment

3m x 7m blastroom

Vixen vapour blasting machine

Vixen dry blasting machine

5m x 3m x 2.5m powder coating oven


Vapour Blasting

This technique is a wet blasting process, it gently cleans the surface of metal with a fine abrasive suspended in water and propelled at high speed by air or steam.

The use of water rather than impact makes this a considerably gentler way to remove contaminants and leaves a finer, 'softer' finish making it the ideal choice for cleaning aluminium, bronze, magnesium, titanium, brass, steel and copper.

Car Restoration

Vapour Blasting produces an extremely even satin polished finish and is easy to keep clean.

It degreases car parts (including engines, gearboxes, carburettors and most other automotive parts) keeping them shiny for considerably longer. This makes it a very popular choice for classic car enthusiasts.

What we Use

We use aluminium oxide known for its superior strength and quality. Aluminium oxide is stronger than most other kinds of media making it ideal for really tough contaminents. It is ideal for use on robust materials such as steel or stainless steel. Other abrasives which lack the hardness of aluminium oxide are less effective in blast treatment of steels and will produce a less consistent and thorough result. It is is also resistant to rust and produces an ideal surface finish for powder coating.



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3m x 7m blastroom

Ferrari 308 GT4 Race Car - chassis blasted ready to be moved into the powder coating oven


Vixen vapour blasting machine and Vixen dry blasting machine

blast machines
Powder Coating.jpg

5m x 3m x 2.5m powder coating oven

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